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With several decades of invaluable experience, Steve Saporito has become Australia's most sought after Portrait Studio training consultant. 

Originally an accountant, Steve's love of photography saw him seize the opportunity to purchase a portrait studio and embark on a new career. One studio soon expanded to become three, and Steve's career shifted again to training studio owners and employees using his highly successful systems. 

For the past few years Steve has been busy creating successful portrait selling spaces across Australia and New Zealand, having opened and designed over thirty studios for his clients. His training is helping both home based studio owners and large retail studio owners to deliver the highest standard of customer service possible.

Steve has consistently achieved real results from his Web Based Training and also the more intense One on One Service. He has trained his clients to consistently achieve $3000+ average sales, thus resulting in them earning million dollar a year turnovers, even from the comfort of their own homes. 

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Steve has successfully mentored portrait studios all around Australia.
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