Excitement calls – the foundation of Suc...

12-06-2014 The latest podcast on Q&A Mentor is all about how you can transform your business and access one of the fundamental techniques that will thrill your clients and provide information to feed theContinue Reading … Read More

New Photography Business Setup or Relocating y...

08-05-2014 I have recently completed a podcast for Q&A Mentor with some incredible information for those of you setting up a New Photography Business or for those that are Relocating or about to Relocate yourContinue Reading … Read More
People are more confident buying from you when they can see an example of what you recommend they buy. Invest in their confidence and make a clear path for them.

What do I charge?

09-04-2014   One of the biggest questions I get asked is about price. How much to charge and then finding the illusive clients that will pay for photography. Many people feel that if theyContinue Reading … Read More
Setting up at an Expo

Making the Most of a Last Minute Opportunity &...

18-12-2013 All credit to Vicki. She had a last minute opportunity to go along to an event through one of her contacts and set up a promotional stand. The great thing about setting upContinue Reading … Read More
road closed

FFAM – Don’t take no for an answer

16-12-2013     How many times have you been told that something is not possible? When you know something is possible deep in your heart, how easily are you swayed from that truth byContinue Reading … Read More

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Steve has successfully mentored portrait studios all around Australia.
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I have recently completed a podcast for … More

 One of the biggest questions I get … More


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